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Join us and help us grow our products with a purpose!

Join us, we offer you an extraordinary chance to learn, to develop and to be part of an exciting experience and team.


You are what you consume. 

Choose a dynamic, wise, and sustainable lifestyle. Our premium quality and natural ginger drinks fit perfectly with any lifestyle.


Growing Opportunities


Team Spirit





The iconic design furniture BulO is hosting our company in their stunning workingspace(s). ⁠

With Bulo's experience in business & home furniture, we couldn't find a better place to feel like home at our office... Find us at this beautiful office along the E19 in Mechelen. ⁠

We also know that working from home is trending, for those who work partly from home, there will always be a drink of GILI waiting for you. 

The team

Clémence, Romain, Gaëlle, Enzo, Alexandra and Lola


About us

GILI creates premium organic beverages  🍹 , specializing in non-alcoholic and natural superfoods (ginger  🌶 , turmeric, wasabi). Our beverages are flavor bombs, made for multiple applications, and with a strong ecological mission (yup, we fight food waste ♻️).

GILI will be your BEST FRIEND, replacing coffee, alcohol, and soda's, whilst caring for our beloved Earth! 

A guilt-free pleasure produced artisanally in Belgium.