Our Job Offers

Join us and help us grow our products with a purpose!

Join us, we offer you an extraordinary chance to learn, to develop and to be part of an exciting experience and team.


You are what you consume. 

Choose a dynamic, wise, and sustainable lifestyle. Our premium quality and natural ginger drinks fit perfectly with any lifestyle.


GILI imagines, creates and distributes honest drinks, so that everyone can enjoy a guilt-free celebration together.


Growing Opportunities


Team Spirit





The iconic design furniture BulO is hosting our company in their stunning workingspace. ⁠

With Bulo's experience in business & home furniture, we couldn't find a better place to feel like home at our office... Find us at this beautiful office along the E19 in Mechelen. ⁠

For those who work partly from home, there will always be a drink of GILI waiting for you. 

The team

Clémence, Romain, Gaëlle, Enzo, Alexandra and Lola


About us

GILI creates premium organic beverages  🍹 , specializing in non-alcoholic and natural superfoods (ginger  🌶 , turmeric, wasabi). Our beverages are flavor bombs, made for multiple applications, and with a strong ecological mission (yup, we fight food waste ♻️).

GILI will be your BEST FRIEND, replacing coffee, alcohol, and soda's, whilst caring for our beloved Earth! 

A guilt-free pleasure produced artisanally in Belgium.