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An organic balanced concentrate packed with turmeric, pineapple, and elderflower. Start your day with a tropical booster shot morning shot, mix up fantastic lemonades or (alcohol-free) cocktails, or give your dishes a steamy twist. Hand-pressed in Belgium with love and planet vibes, it's an honest-to-goodness elixir straight from the fruit's heart. No fake stuff – just pure, natural goodness. With fewer calories and sugars, it’s the ultimate sidekick. And hey, it's sustainable too! The golden ticket to a zestier life!

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Turmeric juice* 15%, pineapple juice*, elderflower syrup*, ginger juice*, lemon juice*, water, black pepper* (*BIO/ORGANIC)


Average nutritional values                   100 ml                  10 ml                  

Energy                                                         294 kJ                   29 Kj 

                                                                     69 kcal                  7 kcal  

Fat                                                                 0,2 g                     0 g                

 of which saturated                                       0 g                        0 g                 

Carbohydrates                                               17 g                     1,7 g               

 of which sugars                                            16 g                    1,6 g

Protein                                                          0,5 g                     0 g

Salt                                                                0,01 g                   0 g

*LOW IN CALORIES, LOW IN SUGAR when 3cl is diluted with 20cl water.

Before opening: 18 months

After opening: 60 days (refrigerated)

HOT: 3cl GILI elixir + 15cl hot water

COLD: 3cl GILI elixir + 15cl (sparkling) water OR 3cl pure as a shot

COOK: get creative in the kitchen by adding a splash of GILI elixir as a spicer



Format 500ml