GILI ECO Gingembre-Citron Thé 50g

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Le thé au gingembre et au citron Gili est synonyme de 0 % de déchets et de 100 % de goût, pour un coup de pouce matinal ou un digestif avant d'aller se coucher.

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    Gili Spicy & Detoxifying Sunshine Tea

    Made from our recycled ginger fibre & lemon pulp, we created a spicy & detoxifying ginger-lemon tea to kickstart every day with a natural boost:

    • Fresh/Loose tea to infuse

    • Drink warm or cold

    • Eco-friendly (circular process)

    • 2 years conservation

    • Caffeine- and theine-free 


    Ginger, Lemon, black currant leaf, turmeric, fennel, licorice, black pepper, eucalyptus.


    Before opening: 2 years (does not require refrigeration)


    EAN: 5419980112347


    Infuse in hot water (in a filtered tea pot). Can also be cold-infused.


    • Organic ingredients & production
    • High concentration of ginger (+ 30%)
    • Fresh, loose tea
    • Circular product: made from the ginger & lemon residues recycled during the production of our Elixirs
    • Natural: no e-ingredients or other chemical preservatives
      • Made from fresh, quality ingredients only
    • Handcrafted in BE

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