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An organic ginger concentrate packed with ginger, lemon, and honey. Start your day with a zesty booster shot, mix up fantastic lemonades or (alcohol-free) cocktails, or give your dishes a spicy twist. Hand-pressed in Belgium with love and sustainability, it’s a guilt-free indulgence made from real fruits – no funny business. With fewer calories and sugars, it’s the ultimate sidekick. Plus, we’re planet-friendly: our circular magic turns fruit pulp into ginger-lemon herbal tea.

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    Ginger juice 55%, lemon juicehoney, water (BIO)

    Average nutritional values                   100 ml

    Energy                                                         232 kJ

                                                                         55 kcal

    Fat                                                                 0,1 g

     of which saturated                                        0 g 

    Carbohydrates                                               12 g

     of which sugars                                           10,7 g

    Protein                                                           1 g

    Salt                                                               0,01 g