La boisson avec un but, faite pour votre établissement !

Hey Hospitality Heroes! Ready to up your beverage game? Whether you have a nightclub, bar, food haven, or trendy hotel, GILI's got your back with the ultimate drink lineup. Custom labels? We're all ears. Choose from our exciting range to spice up your menu. Seeking a non-alcoholic beverage? GILI's your go-to – it's the drink that fits like a glove. We're not just any kind of sip, we're a culinary companion – from appetizers to sweets. Check out our stunning HORECA references below and let's chat for a taste test that's pure delight. Cheers to GILI-fying your offerings!

   Door 73    Hotel Royal
  Le Slot    River Woods Beach Club

Etiquette personnalisée

Add you own label on our GILI bottles for a perfect corporate spirit. Let's discuss your needs together and create the eye-blowing custom-labels you deserve.


Atelier Cocktail

Notre chef cuisinier Enzo se fera un plaisir d'organiser des ateliers de cocktails (sans alcool) pour apprendre les meilleures façons de mélanger le GILI.


Grand choix de produits

There's a product for every need. Deep-dive into our wide range of elixirs, lemonades and/or zero waste . From appetizers to sweets, GILI is for any sip.


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