GILI Lemonade Mix (4x3) 250ml
25.20 € 25.20 € 25.2 EUR
This mixed pack of our lemonade cans is made to discover our ready-to-drinks, bound to make your taste buds tingle with delight.

4 x ginger lemonade 250ml (ginger, lemon, honey)
4 x wasabi lemonade 250ml (wasabi, lime, basil)
4 x turmeric lemonade 250ml (turmeric, citrus, elderflower)
GILI Discovery Box
34.95 € 34.95 € 34.95 EUR
GILI discovery box is the perfect gift pack to discover our different elixir flavors: 1 GILI ginger elixir 200ml, 1 GILI Curcuma elixir 200ml, and 1 GILI wasabi elixir 200ml.
GILI BIO Ginger Shots 2-months Box 48x60mL
139.95 € 139.95 € 139.95000000000002 EUR
GILI's shot box offers a 2-month cure with 48 ginger-lemon-honey shots for an on-the-go ginger explosion.
GILI BIO Ginger Elixir Family Pack 6x700mL
137.69 € 137.69 € 137.69 EUR
GILI organic ginger elixir 700ml is a power-packed non-alcoholic drink made from ginger, lemon, and honey. Our hand-pressed drinks are good for you, good for the planet and good for your taste buds. GILI's family pack offers a ginger induldgement for the whole family.